The Brief:

Create an identity to compliment the Pro Direct Dreamspeed Space Club team, all based around the new
Nike Mercurial Dreamspeed 4 football boots.

The Boots:
Nike Mercurial Dreamspeed 4

The new Nike Mercurial Dream Speed 4 football boots exhibit a bold and refreshed aesthetic to arrive as the first of the series to land on the new-generation Mercurial Superfly 8 silhouette. Drawing its colour inspiration from space re-entry capsules descending at hypersonic speeds the Dream Speed 4 is all about igniting that blast of colour into games, a skill that the players who wear it are capable of doing.

The concept of the Mercurial Dream Speed series is at the core of what this boot embodies - inspiring the next generation of players. Each elite level Nike athlete has had to work immensely hard to reach their levels and this boot is a token of respect for their respective journeys to the very top. You’ll be able to spot them on the feet of an undeniably talented roster of hand-picked footballers including Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappé, Sam Kerr, Leroy Sane, Erling Haaland and Bruno Fernandes.

Ideas and Concepts

My approach started with the creation of the ‘MDS’ badge. This design was to be used across all team outerwear which included the jacket, drill top and hoodie. Taking great inspiration from the bold and vibrant gradient colour scheme of the boots I began to experiment with shape, typography, colour and the graphical elements of the badge. Along with the boots, the Nasa brand, and the theme of ‘space’ formed my final design of the badge. 

The significant gradient colour which runs through the boots and the ‘MDS’ badge continued with the design in the form of a stylised swoosh. This was applied to all garments within the identity. 

For the jersey itself, I designed a sponsor which tied in with the other design elements using two contrasting fonts, gradient shadow colour and two crossed rockets with trailing smoke paths.

The Outcome:
Dreamspeed Space Club Merchandise

Dream big, fast wearing the Pro:Direct x Concept Club Dreamspeed Space Club Track Jacket in White/Black, featuring exclusive graphics and an embroidered logo in tribute to the trailblazing Mercurial Dream Speed 4.
To take your game into the stratosphere, you’re going to need some serious speed. Linking with the scorchingly quick MDS004 and its superhot, space-inspired graphics, this limited edition jacket sees you to join the fastest crew around: the Dream Speed Space Club.

Exclusive Dream Speed Space Club details set you up for your journey to the top, while sweat-wicking Dri-FIT technology keeps you comfortable and focused on the mission ahead.

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