• Open additional bars
Sell more tickets to more pop-up events
Increase revenue through restaurants/bars & eCommerce
How a mobile app can help achieve this?

Strengthen relationship with existing customers to develop a highly loyal fan base
Allow customers to be as engaged
Increase social media following
Be perceived as ahead of the competition
Build email list
Increase event sign-ups
Lower barrier to booking a table
App Features:

Events - Import events from Eventbrite. Provide the link that enables someone to book a ticket.
Table Booking - Link to dedicated Opentable page.
GPS Coupons - A location-based feature that allows users to accumulate points by ‘checking in’. Encouraging repeat visits and build customer loyalty by offering special deals for customers who return to your location frequently.
Delivery - Links to UberEats and Deliveroo.
Buy Wine - Link to wine e-commerce page.
News - Link to monthly newsletter.
Tripadvisor Review - Link to page.
Subscribe Form - provide an option for email sign up.
Push Notification History & Subscriptions - allow users to ‘opt-in’ to hear about specific topics, such as events, wine etc.
Links - to your social media pages and website.
Social Login - Users have the option to connect to the app with their facebook or twitter page. When they do this, the app will be able to identify individual users in the online dashboard and send a targeted push notification to them if you wish. When a user connects with their social media they can click ‘attending’ on your events listed, too.
Contact Page - short company description with contact details.

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