Visual Identity
Burnham and Berrow Golf Club is a well-known, Top 100 UK links golf course situated in Somerset. They are a Club always looking to improve and innovate to stay atop the list of courses to play for golfers all over the country, so maintaining a strong and memorable identity is imperative.
The Challenge
The existing logo fell short visually of how they wished to be perceived as a Club, but also that there was no relationship between the icon and the title meaning that the logo was not versatile across a number of different formats and layouts. It was, therefore, decided that Burnham required a re-brand and identity upgrade in order to move forward and maintain their status as one of the best Club’s in the country.
The Process
I began looking at different lighthouse concepts that retained the tradition and history of the Club whilst modernising the look and feel. Ensuring that the logo was still instantly recognisable by both members and visitors, with the ‘red stripe’ being maintained was important.
The Outcome
The outcome is an exquisite and striking new brand that oozes class, tradition and a forward-thinking approach. The dash of red compliments the subtle whites and greys effectively, and the logo and title works in both portrait and landscape formats, meaning it can be used across a variety of platforms. The Club now has a foundation in place to maintain its rightful place in the rankings for many years to come.

Previous Logo History

Design Sketches

Logo and Reversals
Club Collateral

To view the newly design Burnham & Berrow Golf Club website, click here

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